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Fine Art

Portrait Artist

Christopher Chandler

Christopher Chandler is a portrait, aerial, and underwater photographer, specializing in people and fashion photography with a style consisting of colorful and energetic imagery. Running a client-friendly, service-oriented business he believes that great creativity often is the result of team effort and values working closely with his clients. Based in Lithia, Florida Christopher and his team are ready to create outstanding visuals for you.

Tampa Aerialist Photographer

Capturing Movement

No photoshoot is every the same. Using his background in engineering, Christopher creates unique installations for aerialists. Aerialist flow through a performance while he shoots their movement. No moment is ever the same as the aerialist flows with the the moving installation.

Underwater Photography Tampa

Creative Focus

Shooting underwater is not easy. Models have to stay perceptive as everything the water is moving. All distractions are left on land and Christopher has only two focuses underwater – model safety and staying present with creative thoughts aligning with the perfect shot. No two shots will ever be the same as the water keeps hair, clothing, and props moving. 

Recent Events

Tampa Fashion Week

September 2022

St Pete Fashion Week

September 2022

Inspire the Bay Fashion Show

July 2022

Alice Madness Returns

October 2021

Creepy Couture

October 2021

Legacy Art Gala

November 2021

Botanical Gardens

November 2021

Bad Santa

December 2021

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