How to Find a Local Photographer in Tampa Florida 
September 22, 2022

If you are looking for a photographer in your area, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. First, it’s important to get clear on your goals and then find a photographer in your area who can capture exactly what you are looking for. Keep reading to find out how to find a local photographer who can capture what you’re looking for. 

6 tips for working with a local photographer

1. Know what you want to capture

Before you start your search to find a local photographer, define what you hope to accomplish by hiring them. What do you want them to capture? How do you want the final photos to make you feel? What will the photos be used for? Where do you envision the shoot taking place? Do you want to use props? Are you going to style yourself?

2. Find a local photographer

Once you know your goals and the style you are looking for, start to search for a photographer who already works with that style in your area. The best place to start looking for a photographer in your area is Instagram. Search for “your location photographer”. For example, if you search Tampa Photographer or St Pete Photographer, you will find many active photographers on instagram in the Tampa area.  This is a great way to see what photographers have created lately because people update their instagram much more frequently than their websites. You will also be able to see where photographers shoot, as most photos are geotagged. This way you can see if a photographer has already shot at any of the locations you’re interested in. 

3. Find a photographer whose style you love

Once you have found some photographers active in your area, look into their styles and recent works. With your vision in mind, look for someone you are confident can capture that. If you are looking for professional headshots in a studio, look for someone who has posted shots taken in a studio. If you are looking for a creative shoot, look for someone who has a creative portfolio. 

4. Know your budget

Know what you are willing to spend before you reach out to a photographer. To book they will send you their pricing, which will vary depending on experience, location, style.

5. Reach out and Book!

When you have found a photographer you want to work with, reach out to them through their website, or many photographers also communicate through instagram DMs. Be ready to send them ideas or inspirations you have for the shoot. Ask them any questions you have about how to prepare for the shoot. Ask them what to expect when working with them.

6. Take someone else you trust when working with a new photographer

When working with a photographer for the first time, it is always the safest option to take someone else along with you. This is also a great idea because they can be there to help if you need someone to watch your stuff, or carry things while you are moving locations. 

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